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Rebecca Murphy-Keith 

Rebecca is a lifelong learner, artist, researcher, educator, mental wellness advocate, and seeker of social justice. She is a firm believer that the personal is political, the focus of my research and community outreach continues to be on questioning and challenging social/cultural structures that prevent people from living their best life (e.g. self-actualization) and to propose more productive and socially just ways of living and relating.

Rebecca has taught in college and university settings for over 12 years. During that time she conducted research with women who experienced sexual abuse as children, yet as adults claim an identity not centered in trauma. Rebecca champions the beliefs that above all, these women must challenge the dominant cultural scripts surrounding abuse and the ways in which language inhibited identity construction beyond abuse experiences.

Rebecca's personal journey, training in trauma/bereavement and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), combined with her personal values as an anti-racist accomplice/ally led her to MAAR. As a member of the junior leadership team she will be an active group moderator and content contributor bringing content awareness regarding ACES; their social/cultural roots in intersectional oppression, impacts on children and adults, and ways to challenge oppression and build resilience as parents.

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