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The Conception of  MAAR


"Starting MAAR was not for non-profit aspirations or profit-driven business reasons...
It's 100% PURPOSE driven, birthed out of pain".

~Renita Thomas-Franklin~
Moms Allyship Against Racism, Founder

How it all began.

Monday, May 25, 2020...

"Mama! Mama!", I heard George Floyd cry from my television, as I stood there feeling helpless, paralyzed, and in shock as I witnessed the breath of life being crushed out of his body by "someone's son" who sadly, didn't value his life.

When any child is in emotional or in physical distress it is a natural almost primal reaction to cry out for MAMA!!  George Floyd, with his last dying BREATHE, used it to call out for that one person he knew would save him if possible, his 'Mama". The polarization of the video of George Floyd being murdered right before my eyes broadcasted on national television was my final call to action!  Seeing that image "reopened" my carefully stitched and bandaged wounds from; Trayvon Martin, which was slowly healing on top of my childhood trauma wounds of seeing photos of the hatred inflicted upon the mutilated body of Emmitt Till, I was still trying to heal. Upon seeing the image of George Floyd and hearing him cry out "Mama!", they all simultaneously ripped opened at the seems like a nice pair of silk pants 3 sizes too small; torn, extra flesh exposed, pouring through the opening, much like my heart that was pounding out of my chest and my stomach ached with pain. 

Moms Allyship Against Racism (MAAR) was birth from that pain. 

This was and is very personal to ME. In deep depression from witnessing the murder of George Floyd, traumatized I took to  my bed for refuge. But, I couldn't rest. I have a son, husband, brothers, nephews, cousins, and black male friends whom I love. BLACK and PEOPLE of COLOR that I love. I prayed for guidance. God inspired me to take action and move intentionally and with "purpose".

Thursday, May 28, 2020, Moms Allyship Against RACISM (MAAR) was birthed out of the desire to end the continual diabolical brutal killings of African Americans, to combat and subdue the DISEASE of RACISM that starts in the MINDS of children and is taught and trained before it enters and contaminates the HEART!

If we as moms are "truly" the hands that rocks the cradles which rules the nations", we can also be the hands that "shape and mold the hearts and minds"  of those who will have the power one day to be the catalyst for positive change in combating/subduing the racism and hatred of this world!

The thought of Mr. Floyd or my own son crying out for the protective arms of "mama" to save him was heartbreaking, and still haunts me today.  His "Mama" could not be there to save him, but WE as mothers can do our parts to ensure this will not happen again to another mother's son or daughter. 



This is a call to ACTION for all MOMS, regardless of ethnicities, religious or political affiliations, to organize and help curb and subdue the disease of RACISM and the HATE which fuels it!!

MAAR'S platform uses education and facilitates dialogue to build relationships that will form allyships that will leverage resources and privilege to bring awareness to racial injustice and inequality. We are committed to educating in order to raise children with empathy, compassion and RESPECT for all ethnicities! There Is Only One Race. THE HUMAN RACE.

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