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"MAAR strongly believes and embraces the power and impact of Allyships; creating ripples that spell progress not just for individuals or political affiliations, but our country and EVERY citizen as well. Regardless of their nationality/ethnicity, creed sex or religion".

Renita Thomas-Franklin, Founder

Moms Allyship Against Racism


MAAR is committed to the legacy of our ancestors, the past civil rights leaders who knew the importance and effectiveness of forming strong "allyships" as a formidable weapon in combating systemic racism and bringing awareness to social injustices.


We recognize from our past leaders that forming cross-sector allyships that are inclusive is a major strength conducive to the manifestation of the changes we desire.  Allyships between all ethnicities have proven most effective in the past, and often it was the empowerment forged from the uniting of allies that were the catalyst for the changes that brought global awareness to inhumane conditions and social injustices In the early Civil Rights Movement,

The legacy of "allyship activism" is the building blocks and guiding principles of the foundation on which the MAAR platform is proudly rooted and founded.

Click the link to join our Moms Allyship Against Racism (MAAR) Facebook Group Page:

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“Thank you for broadening our perspective and raising our sights for what we can do at Caravel to foster diversity, equality and inclusion. Looking forward to spending more time with such an inspiring group”.

Mike Miller, CEO

Caravel Austism Health

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