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Our Allies

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Caravel Autism Health

MAAR and Caravel Autism Health Allyship In

Equity and Equality for BIPOCS

MAAR is committed with our allies Caravel Autism Health's Charter Committee for Diversity Equality and inclusion (CDEI) Leadership Team to champion  Autism Equity and Equality for BIPOCS.

The recent uptick of the shooting of BIPOCS  with autism tragically represents the need for "equality" of justice for our most vulnerable population.  Therefore, MAAR recognizes and supports the need for police reform in this area, particularly on how they respond to calls involving BIPOCS with autism and mental illness.


Approximately 1,000 people in the United States were fatally shot by police officers during 2018, and people with mental illness (PMI) were involved in approximately 25 percent of those fatalities This rate has increased rapidly. Police are often the first responders to PMI in acute distress, and sometimes they are the only responders. MAAR supports the usage of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) as first responders to provide de-escalation procedures involving individuals with Autism or mental illness.

MAAR and Caravel Autism Health's CDEI leadership has held discussions to strategize solutions and ways in which we can most effectively partnership as allies to impact changes and help bring awareness to this crisis and the unique challenges of BIPOCS, by supporting laws and legislations which supports and protects the lives of BIPOCS with autism.





“Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.”

~Thurgood Marshall~

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Skinny Tees

MAAR Leadership is honored to form an allyship with the global brand Skinny Tees! We were honored to be models for the Product Placement in their new Anti-Racist Awareness Campaign introducing Skinny Tee's new collection "Skins",  flesh tone with multi-hues specifically created with BIPOCS in mind!


MAAR appreciates the efforts of both Skinny Tees's CEO and Founder Linda Schlesinger-Wagner and Marketing Director Annie Schlesinger for being allies and accomplices by having the vision of inclusiveness and sensitivity to consider BIPOCS and varying completions in your merchandising decisions!

Please check out the "Skin" collection and order! With each purchase, a percentage goes towards MAAR! Helping our platform fight racism!


Linda is a philanthropic warrior! She is a long time and tireless advocate of women’s and children’s charities, actively working with a multitude of non-profits, such as The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Super Saturday, Make-a-Wish-Foundation, Pictures of Hope, and Living Witnesses, where she helped to publish “Living Witnesses, Faces of the Holocaust,“ a photo journal of 92 Detroit area survivors. With this project, she traveled the world with photographer Monni Must, creating four international books featuring Holocaust survivors. 

Yes, you have "Skin" in the game to educate to fight against Hate:

Skinny Tees Philantrophy:

Skinny Tees:

MAAR is proud to be allies!

Westside Activist

MAAR allyship with Westside Activists, the organizers of peaceful, family-friendly demonstrations for justice and equality, and get-out-the-vote campaigns in the LAX area of Los Angeles. Together we hope to inspire more local residents to become engaged in community activities and actions that bridge racial divides. 

Westside Activist:

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Racey Conversations Anti-Racist Education

Racy Conversations, a workshop facilitation company, to inspire the antiracist generation was founded in 2014 by Karen Fleshman; a mentor, activist, entrepreneur, attorney, author and educator. Inspired by Mike Brown, Black Lives Matter, and her mentees, Karen vowed to stop preparing young adults for the workplace and start preparing the workplace for young adults by sharing what she had learned. This was the genesis of Racy Conversations



MAAR and Mercer University’s College of Health Professions in the Department of Clinical Psychology are Seeking White Allies for Their Study.

Moms Allyship Against Racism (MAAR) is pleased to join in allyship partnership with researchers at Mercer University’s College of Health Professions in the Department of Clinical Psychology who are currently conducting a study on how to support White allies newly engaged in the work of anti-racism.
This research work is most important and is in alignment with one of MAAR’s principal missions: MAAR is committed to the legacy of our ancestors, the past civil rights leaders who knew the importance and effectiveness of forming strong "allyships" as a formidable weapon in combating systemic racism and bringing awareness to social injustices. We recognize from our past leaders that forming cross-sector allyships that are inclusive is a major strength. Allyships between all ethnicities, actors, athletes, singers, dancers, authors, poets, and painters have proven most effective in the past and were often used as allies in the early Civil Rights Movement.

Select persons in the study will either participate in a group that includes 4-6 hours of training in one day or a 90-minute dialogue group. The study will take place at Mercer University College of Health Professions (Atlanta campus for locals) or via Zoom sessions for those out of the area.

Participants will be compensated to thank you for your time. Interested individuals can call the study at 678-722-5551 or send an email to
***Please note in your submission that you are a member of MAAR or MAAR affiliated ally group***

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