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MAAR VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB BOOKS 📚 📖 KICK-OFF APRIL 16TH @ 1:30PM PS JOIN. US!! Biweekly as we unpack this "unwhitewashed" history of the Civil Rights Era penned in the book Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era by Author Jerry Mitchell .Our next virtual book club is going to take us on an emotional and educational journey unpacking several pivotal historical events during the Civil Rights Era. The author of the book, Jerry Mitchell will be our guest (periodically) to give us firsthand insight and perspective as we unpack his work...As well as share additional behind the scenes historical facts! Jerry, a best-selling author is a captivating storyteller and a true Civil Rights historian and his book is a must read for your anti-racist journey! Both educational and informative...Purchase your copy of the book now and join us biweekly in April!. To purchase the book now and ve ready to join us in April! ********************************** Click link to purchase your copy; To attend the Virtual Book Club join our Facebook Group Moms Allyship Against Racism (MAAR):


■Join us Saturday, April 23rd at 11AM PST and 6:00 PM GMT (;London, England) ■ Bringing to the platform NICOLA ANTHONY! Nicola has utilized her artistic gifts and platform to bring awarness to the atrocities of hate in all of forms::racism, discrimination, bigotry, marginalization...She is a formidable ally! I'm looking forward to our virtual live conversation with Nicola Anthony!! Nicola is a British artist known for metal text sculptures and burned paper drawings, which give glimpses into the effects of displacement, migration, and intergenerational trauma. She focuses her research on untold narratives, collective memory, and life stories.

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