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Renowned Educator, Activist, and NAACP nominated Actress Dr. Tonea Stewart Speaks the Definitive "Truth" of the Intergenerational Traumas of Systemic Racism.

"MAAR Moment" excerpt from an intimate conversation with a phenomenal woman; award-winning actress, activist, and educator, Dr. Tonea Stewart!

Speaking TRUTH as only she can!

.As an actress, Tonea is perhaps best known for her recurring role of "Miss Etta Kibbee" in "The Heat of the Night". Also, garnishing award-nominated accolades for her most powerful and poignant film projects dealing with racial relations and social justice; "A Time To Kill", she brilliantly portrayed the role of "Gwen Haley" (as Samuel Jackson's wife)," and The Rosa Parks Story", she portrayed the role of "Johnnie Carr", Rosa Parks"s best friend opposite of Angela Bassett in the leading role.

She earned an NAACP Image Award nomination for her role in the film adaptation of John Grisham's A Time to Kill and a New York World Festival Gold Medal Award for the narration of Public Radio International's series "Remembering Slavery", and numerous more!


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